Allegiances, as presented in the opening pages of The Awakening. Characters that were excluded from an Allegiances list, but appeared in the book, will be listed following the formal allegiances list.

Tribe of Winter Snow

River-Watcher: White Feather—blind white tom
Prey-Hunters: Tall Wing—black she-cat

Moon Feather—black tom

Mink Tail—primarily black tortoiseshell she-cat

Hail Star—blue-grey tabby she-cat with a scarred pelt

Fog Sky—smoke black tabby she-cat

Mole Cloud—brown she-cat with distinctive white markings

Squirrel Fang—compact ginger tabby she-cat

Trout Stream—silver tortoiseshell she-cat

Turtle Tail—tortoiseshell she-cat with a docked tail

Haven Star—thick-furred black and white tom

Star-Praisers: Willow Tree—foreign-built brown tabby she-cat

Bird Feather—silver tabby she-cat

Shad Fin—silver tabby tom with white patches

Rock Fall—white tom

Sun Shadow—yellow and white tabby tom

To-Be's: Ice Pelt—dark grey and white tom

Lion Heart—golden-brown tabby tom

Dove Wing—grey she-cat with faint stripes

Elm Whisker—black smoke tom with ghost stripes

Honey Feather—striped yellow tom

Queens: Heather Snow—brown and white tabby she-cat; Mother of

Kits: Crystal Step—tan-colored she-cat with dark points

River Wish—tan-colored she-cat with dark brown spots

Nettle Wish—brown she-cat with darker flecks

Lily Frost—white she-cat with gray splotches and blue eyes

Elders: Crow Beak—massive black tom with Amnesia

Poppy Flower—ragged tortoiseshell she-cat

Jackdaw Wing—black and white tom with one ear

Magpie Storm—massive black and white tom

Cats Outside the Mountains

Loners & Rogues

Tess—ragged ginger tabby she-cat
Fircone—ginger tom with one white paw
Bee—striped black and white tom
Amai—cream tabby she-cat
Rajah—russet-colored tabby she-cat
Lion—golden-brown tom with fluffy neck fur


Lucas—black-based tabby tom
Kinsley—sleek-furred black she-cat
Brie—brown tabby she-cat with thin stripes
Nikki—black she-cat with a white chest, paws, and underbelly