White Feather is a white tom with blind, pale blue eyes,[1] and fur that curls at the ends[2].


In the Shadows of the Past Arc

The Awakening

White Feather is first seen jumping after the thunder cracks in the sky. After his father walks away he asks his mother if they're lost. She replies that they're just stopping to rest and he presses against her legs shivering. After Cormorant Storm turns to address all the cats, White Feather watches as he tells them they will not be stopping here and that if they continue they'll be at the base of the mountain by nightfall.
Little Heart tries to reason with Cormorant Storm saying White Feather was cold and tired, but the leading tom refuses and says they'll continue to the mountains. White Feather is seen again dangling from his mother's jaws as she helps Daisy Heart through the soft soil and fallen tree trunks.
Near sunset, White Feather wakes from his nap still dangling from his mother's jaws and watches as Crow Beak and his father argue. After several minutes they continue on to the cave his father mentioned. After going into a cave nearly a third up the mountain they stop to rest and Cormorant Storm announces that they'll make home here and announces that they'll take on the name, Tribe of Winter Snow. Excitedly, White Feather is seen bouncing.




Cormorant Storm: Deceased; No Residence


Little Heart: Deceased; No Residence


Moon Feather: Living (As of The Awakening)


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Coming Soon


  • Mink says that one of the first StarClan cats will be White Feather.[2]

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